Gday there!

My name is Jarrod Amery and I’m a grain & sheep farmer at Forbes, in central west NSW.

Along with my wife Emma & our 6 beautiful kids, we own & lease a combined 2400ha & are passionate about agricultural business.

Our Family

How we got started!

We started out in agriculture from humble beginnings, as I was a shearer & Emma a school teacher, we have long been pursuing our dream to own our own properties which hasn’t come easily.
Many of us farmers are feeling the strain of these dry times – tough decisions, financial hardship, emotional struggles, & mental battles.
The current drought has presented its fair share of challenges which has proven to be very character building with many lessons to be learnt.
I’ve had some really tough days with some hard decisions to make & often ask myself this question, “Is this situation going to make me bitter or better as a person & business operator?”

Our Mission

I’ve created this website along with my Facebook page & Twitter to share my own journey of learning & life experiences. It is with humility that I want to share words of encouragement, business tips & skills, along with ideas & tools to assist you in these confronting times.

Here is an inspiring video for you to watch that tells you a little bit more about me and my mission to inspire you.

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